Body Scrubs
Body Scrubs
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Made with organic and all natural ingrediants
Essential oils have also been used for thousands of years for cosmetic purposes, as well as for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. Primarily extracted through careful steam distillation but also through cold pressing, the purest essential oils are far more powerful than the botanicals from which they were extracted. Purge chemicals from your beauty routine and rediscover your natural glow. An ancient skin care secret, essential oils can help promote a clear-looking complexion, and soften the appearance of signs of aging. Using only natural ingredients, these advanced skin care solutions make it easy to enjoy the beautiful benefits of essential oils every day.
Aromatherapy & Healing Remedies
All Natural Oils
Grape seed oil improves the overall quality of your skin. Regular usage cures various types of skin troubles including acne and pimples. Its antioxidant characteristic prevents the pores from clogging. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that not only prevent acne outbreaks, but also help to cure existing ones. This oil results in skin tightening and toning. It is especially beneficial for people who have oily skin. This oil helps with dark circles, sensitive skin, and works as an excellent moisturizer that won’t clog pores. Fight aging, fine lines and wrinkles can be alleviated with a daily dose of grapeseed oil on the skin.
Apricot kernel seed oil is a light and gentle oil used to moisturize, balance oily skin, nourish, lubricate and for hormone reactive skin. Especially useful for oily complexions. This oil is light enough that it does not leave a greasy coat on your skin after use. Gentle enough to use on any skin type. Also helps rehydrate dry skin. Rich in gamma linoleic acid, or GLA, which comes from essential fatty acid omega-6 and an anti-inflammatory effect and may soothe minor skin conditions such as eczema. This is suited for use on the delicate, sensitive skin. Note: Store organic apricot kernel oil by refrigerating it in an airtight container for up to a year.
Olive oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols. Antioxidants, when topically applied, may help protect the skin from premature skin aging. Vitamin E partly accounts for the anti-aging benefits of olive oil because it helps increase the production of collagen, restore skin smoothness and protects against ultraviolet light.  Hydroxytyrosol, a rather rare compound found in olive oil, also prevents free radical damage to the skin.  Provides a cleansing effect and does not clog the pores.
Almond oil is used as a medicinal oil for some skin disorders. Rich in Vitamin E, A, D, monounsaturated fatty acids, proteins, potassium and zinc, besides a number of other minerals and vitamins. Almond oil helps to delay the appearance of wrinkles. Hypoallergenic oil that can be safely used even on baby skin. Softening and dislodging the dirt and debris accumulated in the skin pores and prevents blackheads and acne. Excellent for removing makeup. This oil will aid in dark circles and pain and redness from sun exposure.  Almond oil also helps with Eczema & Psoriasis.
Olive Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Apricot Kernel
Almond Oil
7.00 Each
Eye Remedy
Goddess Glow provides homemade all natural remedies for healing and beauty. Making your skin smooth, healthy, shiny and looking younger without all the harmful chemicals. Using a blend of organic oils and pure essential oils, which have healing properties that are great for your skin, muscles and help aid in different medical issues. Go back to the basics and enjoy, heal and pamper yourself.  
Homemade eye remedy made with grape seed oil, almond oil, lavender essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil. All organic oils and pure essential oils used. This remedy is good for all skin types, but please makes sure you are not allergic to any of these oils! Massage softly under the eyes before bed and leave on. This comes with a 1oz/30ml amber glass bottle with glass dropper.
Vapo Rub
Homemade alll natural topical cream. Safe for babies & children. Used on chest, back, throat and under nose for common colds and coughs.  Made with organic olive oil, beesewax,  juniper berry essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, rosemary essential oil, tea tree essential oil, clove essential oil, lavender essential oil, and peppermint essential oil.  All pure essential oils used. This remedy is good for all skin types, but please makes sure you are not allergic to any of these oils! This comes with a 2oz jar with lined cap.
8.00 Each
Anti-dark circles* Anti-wrinkles* Makeup Remover
Colds*  Respiratory* Skin Rashes
Bath Bombs
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Gift Sets
Homemade alll natural topical cream. Used on skin area that has inflammation.  Made with organic olive oil, beesewax,  lavender essential oil, myrrh essential oil, vitiver essential oil,  frankincense essential oil, peppermint essential oil, clove essential oil, tea tree essential oil and vitamin E.  All pure essential oils used. This remedy is good for all skin types, but please makes sure you are not allergic to any of these oils! This comes with a 2oz jar with lined cap.
8.00 Each
Inflammation Rub
Musle Soreness* Inflammation